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Chantico Cilantro & Cucumber Margarita

Updated: May 6

Savory Cilantro & Cucumber Margarita 🥒 using Chantico WILD Agave 😋 -or twist it up and use Chantico HOT Agave to give it a hint of spice! 🔥

First, muddle cilantro and cucumber together in a cup. Then, add the additional ingredients and ice to a cocktail shaker and mix! Serve with cucumber slices and a piece of cilantro for garnish. Enjoy!

1 oz. Tequila Reposado

1 oz. Chantico WILD Agave or Chantico HOT Agave

1 oz. grapefruit juice

1 oz. lime juice

1/4 of a cucumber

1 piece of cilantro

1 tspn salt

Chantico Cilantro and Cucumber Margarita served in glass in front of grapefruit, cucumber, and Chantico Granulated Powder Agave.
Chantico Cilantro and Cucumber Margarita

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