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Chantico is made exclusively from single-origin organic Mexican agave. Our entire line has a naturally sweet taste, adding the perfect amount of sweetness to your food and beverages.


Chantico Blue Agave Powders are sustainably grown on our own estates in the state of Jalisco (the home of Tequila) and produced in our state-of-the-art facility near the farms.


Chantico Agave Syrups come from a Wild Salmiana Agave species that is communally grown in the mountains of the state of Zacatecas. We contract with the growers there and know where each batch of agave comes from!

All of our products are crafted using single-origin, Mexican agave and a traditional, safe thermal production process. The results are superior-tasting agave products that have fewer calories per serving than conventional sugars without the chemical aftertaste of artificial sweeteners.



Chantico Agave is an all-natural, organic, Non-GMO sweetener made from organic Mexican agave plants. Agave plants are large succulents that look similar to aloe or yucca. We use estate-grown Blue Agave for our powders and communally-managed Wild Agave for our syrups. To create Chantico Agave, our agave ranchers, or  jimadores, cut all of the leaves off of the agave plant using a tool called a coa de jima, leaving behind the heart, or piña.  We then squeeze all of the juice from the piña, into a kettle. Using only water and heat we reduce the liquid into delicious, viscous, naturally-sweet syrup. The agave may then be dried to create our granulated powder. 

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