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Chantico HOT Agave Jalapeño Poppers

Updated: May 6

If you are a fan of fiery and sweet flavors, then you're in for a treat! Chantico Agave is launching a new HOT Agave infused in Chile de Árbol taking you through a whole new dimension of flavor. This variety of chile is native to Jalisco, Mexico (the home of tequila) and is used in a variety of traditional and modern cuisines. Check out this easy recipe and add a twist to your typical jalapeño poppers by adding Chantico HOT Agave. (Coming soon 2024!🔥)


8 Jalapeños

4 tbsps Cream cheese

1 tbsp Feta cheese

3 tbsp Chantico HOT Agave


8 slices Prosciutto

Dash of Seasoned Salt

Slice jalapenos in half beginning at the stem. Deseed jalapeños. Add a few tbsps of cream cheese and a tbsp of feta cheese. Mix together with a dash of Chantico HOT Agave. Chop up a few chives and add to cheese mixture. Fill jalapeños with cheese mixture and then put jalapeños back together. Wrap each jalapeño individually with prosciutto. Add a sprinkle of seasoned salt to each. Bake at 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. After baking, drizzle more Chantico HOT Agave and spread evenly for the perfect amount of sweet heat. Enjoy! 😋 🔥

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